South Bay: Jazen Tea

After a less than satisfying meal at Big T's, we walked across the street the Jazen Tea to console ourselves:

Jazen Tea is attached to a pho restaurant.  They each have their own separate entrances, but they share the same space inside.

The Jazen Tea section is essentially a long counter with a couple small tables inside and outside:

While we were there (and we were chatting outside for quite a while), the line seemed never-ending.

My sister got the regular milk tea with honey boba ($3.55) while I decided to try one of Jazen Tea's snow sips, the lychee cooler ($4.65):

I originally wanted to try their lychee explosion (lychee and peach flavored tea with lychee fruit bits) because that sounded amazing.  I quickly changed my mind when I was told that it was made with green tea.  Blech.  Not a fan of green tea.

There was also an apple jack milk tea that sounded very interesting.  We were told that it tasted like the milk after having a bowl of Apple Jacks cereal.  While intriguing, I was ultimately tempted away by lychee.

As for what we did end up ordering, I remember not liking the milk tea at all, but I don't remember why.  The lychee cooler was essentially a lychee slushie with pineapple fruit bits at the top.  I added pearls because we got one free add-on for checking in on Yelp.  It was a dumb move.  The pearls ended up all hard because of the iciness of the slushie.

Because we were still hungry, CV ordered some fried chicken to split among the four of us:

While the chicken was so-so (as was the sweet and sour sauce), the chili powder that was got on the self-service counter was fantastic.

As it's kind of out of the way for us, the chances of me going back to Jazen Tea is pretty much slim to none.  If I did find myself back though, I would stay away from the milk teas and try another of its interesting fruit options.

Ugh...when did pearl tea get so expensive?

Jazen Tea
1834 Tully Rd
San Jose, CA 95122
(408) 238-1411


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