South Bay: Christy Donuts

During T's birthday outing, T brought us some donut holes for the road.  They weren't just regular donut holes though.  They were CUSTARD-filled donut holes.

They were so good that I demanded to know where she bought them.  She didn't know the name, but the more she described the location, the more familiar it sounded until I finally realized that I knew exactly which donut shop she was talking about.

I have been passing by Christy Donuts for most of my life.  I went inside once, but I wasn't aware that they had custard-filled donut holes.  Because NOBODY TOLD ME.  Apparently, my sister knew about it for years and never deemed it important enough to share.  Thanks a lot, man.  See if I ever tell you about good food discoveries ever again.

Anyway, CL's birthday came a week after T's.  To make sure I had enough cash on hand, I made a bank run that morning.  On the way home, I made it a point to stop by Christy Donuts:

Luckily they were open despite it being Easter Sunday.

The sign outside only says "Donuts" so it's really no surprise that nobody seems to know what the name of the donut shop is.  I had to look it up online.

There was a consistently steady stream of people going in through the door.  And no wonder, just look at the selection:

I refused to be distracted.  I went straight to the counter and asked for a dozen custard-filled donut holes:

$3.75 for a dozen.  Say wut.

The custard-filled donut holes are considerably larger than the regular ones.  They're glazed and most importantly, they're stuffed with beautiful, beautiful custard:

The glaze is very sweet, but the custard itself is subtle and lovely.  I kind of wish they offer non-glazed ones too.

Unlike my sister, I'm a nice person and I believe good things should be shared with the world.  So dear friends and all random people on the Internet, if you're ever in the area, get some custard-filled donut holes at Christy Donuts!

You're welcome.

Christy Donuts
1150 N Capitol Ave
San Jose, CA 95132
(408) 923-1300


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