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CL decided that the theme for her birthday this year would be the number three.  Her reasoning?  Her name starts with the letter C, which is the third letter of the alphabet.  She was turning 27 and three times three times three is 27.

Wow.  Talk about forcing things to fit.  (I joked that her theme should be the number three because she is now three years from 30.  Heh.)

Anyway, to implement her strange theme, CL planned three activities, all starting with the letter C.  The first activity of the day was "coffee," which I skipped out on.  The second was "cowboy and cowgirl."  T, my sister, and I drove up to Half Moon Bay to meet CL and her other friends at Seahorse Ranch for some horseback riding along the beach.

An hour and a half and one sore bottom later, we stopped at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company because it was still a bit too early for the third C, "clam chowder," at Barbara's Fishtrap, which is located just across the street:

The wait for a table outside was two hours, but we were seated inside immediately.

There were about 15 of us total and we managed to all fit at a really long table.  AF, T, my sister, and I squeezed in at the end.  All the better to split two appetizers among us.  One of CL's friends also chipped in, but she ate so little that she hardly made a dent.

The half order of nachos ($8) was still quite a lot:

The tortilla chips came topped with black beans, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, salsa, and sour cream.  We threw in some guac for an additional $1.50.

The pepper jack bites ($8) were basically just fried cubes of pepper jack cheese with chipotle ranch sauce on the side:

How can you beat fried cheese?

We didn't order anything else because we wanted to save our stomach space for the main event at Barbara's Fishtrap.  The food at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company was decent though not exactly mind-blowing.  I don't drink, so I can't speak to the beers, but everyone else seemed to enjoy them.

There's just one more thing I feel like I have to touch upon before I end this post.  If you've always wanted to go horseback riding on the beach, a few observations for you:

1) Horseback riding is not an ideal group activity.  Riding single file is not conducive to conversation.

2) Horseback riding on the beach is not romantic.  Especially not on a beach where people are laying out sunbathing with their families.  Especially, especially not when the horses in front of you are pooping as they plod along.

3) Horseback riding is not for the short-legged.  When your horse trots to catch up and you're told to stand up in the stirrups to lift your butt off the saddle and avoid slamming your crotch repeatedly, having short legs means that you will NOT be able to escape the crotch slamming.

4) Horseback riding does not require any skills on your part.  You may think you're directing your horse, but you're not.  Just accept that your horse is in charge and will go wherever he damn well pleases.

5) And finally, horseback riding is a pain in the ass.  Literally.  Be prepared to be sore and bruised for at least a week afterwards.

Now I'm done.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
390 Capistrano Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 728-2739


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