San Francisco: Fog City Diner

It'd been a while since our last girls' day out, so AF, T, CL, and I planned a day in the city.  And when I say planned, I'm using that term very, very loosely.  T had sent around a link with a list of the best fries in San Francisco and we had some vague notion of trying them all.

Yea, right.

We really only made it to one place on the list, Fog City Diner:

T, CL, and I were delayed coming up from the South Bay.  AF, who lives in the city, arrived at the restaurant way before the rest of us.  She scoped out all the street parking meters in the area and found one with three hours left on it.  THREE HOURS.  She guarded it with her life and miracle of miracles, it was still available by the time we got there.  Good job, AF!

The weather in San Francisco was beautiful for once and the restaurant was flooded with natural light:

We sampled from both the brunch and lunch menu.

From the brunch options, we got the wood oven Virginia ham hash ($16):

Made with fingerling potatoes, spring onions, roasted peppers, and ham, the hash was topped with two poached eggs.  Love the sweetness the roasted peppers added.

We also ordered the country benedict ($17):

Slow poached eggs smothered in pork sausage gravy rested on dense buttermilk biscuits.  So rich and lovely.

Off the lunch side of the menu, we got the grilled Spanish octopus salad ($16):

The octopus was light and perfectly cooked and came with butter beans, olives, fennel, celery, and Calabrian chili.  I am definitely guilty of picking out pieces of octopus.  The beans didn't really do it for me.

And finally, the whole reason why we were at Fog City Diner in the first place, the hand cut furikake fries ($7):

The fries were sprinkled with bonito flakes and furikake (a Japanese condiment usually used on rice) and came with a tiny bowl of garlic aioli.

We had such a great time just chatting and catching up that we forgot about all the other fries places on the list we were supposed to follow.  Hah.  As if that was ever really going to happen.

Instead, since we still had quite a bit of time left on our meter, we walked along the piers and wandered through the ferry building.  We made it a point to use up all the time on the meter.  We're Asia like that.

Fog City Diner
1300 Battery St
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 982-2000


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