New York: Dough Loco

So, my less than 6-month-old laptop crashed over the weekend.  The good news is that I save all my files on my external hard drive.  The bad news is that I kept putting off moving my photos from NY into my external.  Ugh.

Luckily, my sister had some food photos on her phone, which she kindly sent my way.  Baby sister to the rescue!

I spent Saturday morning volunteering at a mega naturalization workshop.  Things were kind of slow, so I left around 1:00 pm.  While I was gone, my sister and Nana got into all sorts of mischief.  Most notably, they dropped by Dough Loco and brought back half a dozen donuts:

 Six donuts for three people.  Holy cow.

Clockwise from top left: blood orange poppy seed, blueberry lime, raspberry sriracha, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, and maple miso.

The award for most interesting goes to the raspberry sriracha.  Most tasty is split between blood orange and maple miso.  And most likely to get another one goes to the chocolate (so decadent!). 

The donut themselves were very dense and doughy.  If you like your donuts fluffy, Dough Loco probably won't be your cup of tea.  But check this out.  The donuts were sitting there for hours before I got home, but they still tasted super fresh. 

Dough Loco definitely has very creative flavor combinations, so I would encourage you to check it out if you're ever in Harlem.  Just get there early before all the good stuff sells out.

I'm heading to Baltimore tomorrow for my sister's graduation.  Then it's off to Orlando for a few days to see family (and to just play around).  See y'all after I return!

Dough Loco
1261 Park Ave
New York, NY 10029


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