France: Marché Saint Antoine

We had one full day in Lyon, so we made sure to make the most of it.  We started off the day with a long, meandering walk down to the Marché Saint Antoine, a bustling market along the river:

Veggies, fruits, breads, cheeses, flowers...basically everything you can imagine at an outdoor market.

And roast chicken:

Woo, baby!  We made our purchases and then spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out where to eat everything.  We somehow ended up at a little kiddies' park.  We sat on a stone bench and tore at our food with our fingers like barbarians.  I think we scared a couple French families from entering the park.

Heh.  No shame, right?

I really wanted to try the andouillette sausage:

Made with innards, the andouillette sausage is super rich:

It was definitely delicious, but I honestly couldn't take more than three bites.

Especially with an entire roast chicken to tear into:

The whole chicken cost us 8.90 €.  Not bad at all.  Wish we had some utensils though.

We also asked for a tray of potatoes:

Which sadly didn't impress.  I think we ended up tossing most of the potatoes.  They were kind of undercooked and bland.  Sigh.  Too bad.

Eating healthy in Europe is kind of hard with all the rich cream sauces, french fries, and meat dishes.  AF tried to remedy that by buying some oranges:  

American oranges are better.  Hahaha...

I love markets.  Wish we could have tried more things, but with only one day in Lyon, we couldn't afford to have leftovers.

Next time, for sure.

Marché Saint Antoine
1 quai Saint Antoine
69002 Lyon, France


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