France: Maison Souy

On the way back to our Parisian AirBnb flat to gather our belongings, we stopped by Maison Souy for some last minute pastries for the train ride to Lyon:

So much to choose from:

We were like kids in a candy store.  The stuff we bought never even made it onto the train.  We ate it all at Gare du Nord while waiting for our train.

First there was an eclair and some kind of custardy thing:

Then a cute little bun that was filled with...nothing:

Croissants (of course) and an apple pastry:

Instead of apple chunks as I expected, the apple pastry was filled with applesauce:

Not the best bakery we visited in France, but still a nice farewell to Paris.

We kinda suspected that the pastries wouldn't last very long, so we also bought a baguette to eat with our pâté during the 2 hour train ride.  We spent the entire journey playing hearts with a deck of cards my sister whipped out of nowhere.

The Paris segment of our trip was a bit rough for me, but the city grew on me the longer we stayed there.  All the same, I was happy to move on.

Paris, I'm willing to give you a second chance.  I may be back...please leave my camera alone when I do.

Maison Souy
10 Rue Marx Dormoy
75018 Paris, France


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