Chicago: Yusho

It's been difficult trying to match schedules and figure out a time that works for all of us, so it took us a while to coordinate a mini-SSA (Chicago edition) reunion.  Okay, so maybe I'm not a SSA student, but hey, living with one for two years and having predominantly SSA friends should entitle me at the very least to honorary membership in the SSA crew.  Right?

Regardless, MM, Empress E (happy now?), Queen G, and I met up at Yusho for dinner:

We'd made reservations, but it turned out to be completely unnecessary.  Though we arrived late and everyone at varying times, it was still sufficiently early that plenty of tables were open:

Empress E and MM split the eel with brandade, hominy, and wasabi mustard:

Meanwhile, Queen G and I couldn't resist the beef tongue with garlic, sombal, and daikon:

Very tasty together with the daikon, but $9 for a skewer?  Really?

We also couldn't resist the miso braised oxtail special with shishito peppers:

Probably my favorite of the night.  All it needed was some rice...mmm...

We got three orders of the logan "poser" ramen for our table:

Some people just don't like to share.  Not me though!  I was perfectly happy to split with Queen G.  The noodles were Q and the soup base was decent, but the surprise of the night came in the form of the fried pork popsicle resting inconspicuously on the bowl.  I didn't expect to be bite into a crispy stick of pure pork love.

It took us a while to get around to asking for a bill (the thing about SSA girls is that they talk A LOT).  When it came, we all cooed over the cute little tin:

Overall, Yusho is a nice place to sit and catch up with friends.  Even though the restaurant eventually filled to the brim, we never felt rushed into leaving.

Unfortunately, the service was a little awkward and while that wouldn't normally put me off, the prices were a bit on the steep side given the portion sizes.  ($13 for the small bowl of ramen!)  Good food, fun time, but it's not on my list of places I would visit again.

2853 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 904-8558


  1. excuse me missy, how can you claim to be an honorary SSA-er and then sneak in a "(the thing about SSA girls is that THEY talk A LOT)"? you mean "WE" talk a lot, right? pshh can't separate when it suits you!!!!

    <3 empress e MEHEHEHEHEHE


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