South Bay: Pho Kim Long

I can't come home to San Jose and not leave without going to Pho Kim Long:

Kim Long is my family's default pho restaurant. It's cheap, the portions are huge, the food is good, and it's close to my house.

My mom likes to get spring rolls wherever she can:

My parents always share a large bowl of pho because they can't finish one by themselves:

Depending on my mood, I usually order pho, dry vermicelli noodles, or chicken over rice. I was in a rice mood:

I love the spicy, sour sauce that come with the chicken. The chicken itself is very juicy and boneless (which is a plus for a lazy person such as myself). The rice plate also comes with a bowl of chicken broth that I like to mix my rice with.

Unfortunately, when things go well with rice, I tend to overeat and end up with a stomachache. Lack of self control can be painful at times, take my word for it.

Pho Kim Long
2082 N Capitol Ave
San Jose, CA 95132
(408) 946-2181


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