San Francisco: Tartine Bakery

My friend took my sister and I out for a San Francisco day. Our whole purpose was to make it to Hog Island's happy hour, so we basically planned the entire trip around that.

Our first stop was Tartine. The line was out the door at 11:00am:

People come from all over to check out Tartine. We made conversation with the lady ahead of us in line and she told us that she'd come from San Mateo specifically for Tartine. She was particularly impressed when we told her that we'd driven from San Jose.

Looking at a menu isn't quite the same as looking into the display cases and actually seeing all the goodies laid out in all their glory:

I'm always tempted by the savory selection, but my sweet tooth always wins out when I visit Tartine:

The interior is small and a bit crowded, but if you're lucky, a table might open up by the time you finish paying at the cashier:

There's also outdoor seating, but we weren't in the mood to brave the chill.

The three of us decided to split 3 pastries. First up was the eclair:

What makes this eclair so awesome is its light cream filling:

As with everything at Tartine, the cream isn't overpoweringly sweet. The lightness of the cream goes perfectly with the richness and slight bitterness of the chocolate topping.

One of my favorites at Tartine is its double pain au chocolat:

The bread is flaky with a touch of savory, while the chocolate is dark and decadent:

My other favorite is the coconut cream tart:

Dark chocolate, burnt caramel, and air-like coconut can life get any better than that?:

I can never finish a tart by myself, so it was good that I had others to help me.

We ordered everything to-go because we thought we wouldn't finish. Yea, right. Soooo not a problem for us.

Next time I go back to Tartine, I'm definitely going to try one of their savory concoctions. All I have to do is work on not being distracted by the tempting array of sweets...

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 487-2600


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