Iceland: Valdis

We were supposed to be looking for a place to have dinner, but when I mentioned that we were heading in the direction of an ice cream shop, we stopped looking for a restaurant altogether.


T was especially excited.  She saw a sign in the distance that she swore was an ice cream cone.  I knew it was in the wrong direction and I tried to tell T that.  The more I tried to tell her she was wrong, the more annoyed she got until finally I let her scamper off to see for herself.

The highlight of my day was watching T skulk back toward us with that contrite look on her face.  What she thought was an ice cream cone turned out to be...a cartoon of a bearded man wearing a hat.


Anyway, little detour aside, we finally made it to Valdis:

Despite it being winter in Iceland, there were quite a few people waiting for their cones:

We each grabbed a number and waited for our turn to taste test our way through the entire gelato selection.  Okay, maybe not quite.  I can never bring myself to ask for more than two samples.  Luckily, I have friends who take tiny bites in order to let me try some of theirs.

CV got pineapple and coffee.  Two scoops in a cup cost 600 ISK (around $6): 

T was originally going to split with CV, but when she saw milk soft serve on the menu, she couldn't help herself.  She got a small cone (400 ISK):

I skirted around the many licorice flavors and eventually found my winner, the lu-kex, which apparently is some kind of cinnamon biscuit.  I got one scoop on Valdis' famous waffle cone (450 ISK):

There weren't any tables inside, so we had to nibble on our gelato/ice cream outside.  It was freezing, but oh-so worth it. 

I didn't expect to find good ice cream in Iceland, but that's exactly what we did.  If you're in Reykjavik and want a break from all the lamb and herring, skip on over to Valdis for an icy sweet treat.

In the end, we never got around to getting dinner.  Instead, we went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of random items to try at home.  (More on that later.)

Grandagardur 21, Reykjavik 101, Iceland 
+354 586 8088


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