Iceland: Braud & Co

We spent a whole day exploring the Golden Circle in Iceland.  We managed not to eat out at all that day by packing a lunch and preparing our own dinner at home.  More on that later when I do a miscellaneous blog post/dump on Icelandic snacks and groceries.

The morning of our last day in Reykjavik started with a trip to Braud & Co:

CV, T, and I had tried to go previously the morning CL and DK slept in, but we went too late and most of the bread was gone.

This time, we went during peak hours:

There were no signs in the bakery, so we had to rely entirely on our eyes...and the recommendation of the staff.

We got a pain au chocolat:

Two plain croissants:

And some kind of custard pastry:

It had a layer of sweet paste inside.  I think it was almond:

There was another custard pastry that looked interesting, but according to the guy who took our order, it wasn't ready yet.  Apparently it was missing some kind of garnish.  When we asked when it would be ready, he said when he got around to doing it.

Alright then.

He wasn't rude in any way, just...Icelandic.

We took our pastries and enjoyed them outside.  They were certainly good, but I wouldn't say they were amazing.  Compared to the awesome bakeries we have in the Bay Area, pastries in Iceland just didn't really impress us.

Braud & Co
Frakkastigur 16, Reykjavik 101, Iceland
+354 776 0553


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