Iceland: Durum

Due to our late start, we only managed to hit up Thingvellir National Park along the Golden Circle before having to turn back to Reykjavik.  We didn't really have a place in mind when we set out to find dinner.  After walking up and down the streets, we finally settled on Durum:

Durum was more café than restaurant:

The menu selection was a real mix of flavors.  There was Thai, Indian, Italian, Greek...a bit of everything.

CK ordered the doner kebab sandwich (1590 ISK or around $15.90):

While CV and T split a tikka chicken pizza (2650 ISK):

We chose Durum because the prices didn't seem like they would break the bank.  I figured a smoked salmon panini (1250 ISK) would give me the most bang for my buck, er, krona:

The bread didn't look very appetizing, but it was surprisingly not bad.  There was a bit of a chew to it that I didn't see coming.  And you can't really go wrong with smoked salmon, spinach, and cream cheese:

The sweet chili sauce added an interesting flavor punch.

My expectations were very low when I walked into Durum.  I left pleasantly surprised.  If you're looking for a quick and cheap(er) meal in Reykjavik, look no further. 

Just keep your expectations low too.

On our way to and from Thingvellir National Park, we scoped out places along the way that looked like good northern lights viewing spots.  Our criteria were simple: 1) far from civilization and 2) large parking lot. 

We thought we found the perfect place by a frozen lake.  As we drove through the dark near the midnight hour, our excitement kept building as the northern lights spread across the sky.  It was so bright that we could even see some of the green without the aid of camera settings.

Turns out plenty of other people thought our spot would be perfect too.  Even though all the passing cars interfered with our photos, I think the end result turned out pretty damn cool:

So.  Freakin'.  Cool.


Laugavegur 42, Reykjavik 101, Iceland 
+354 445 7000


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