South Bay: Happy Lemon

March was the month of first (and some second) dates.  A weeklong marathon to be exact.  Because of course, when it rains, it pours.  Seeing as to how awkward first dates are already, I didn't feel comfortable adding to that awkwardness by whipping out my camera to take pictures of whatever we were eating.

Which meant March was also the month of missed blog opportunities.  Alas.

I did, however, arrive early for one date and managed to snap this photo of Happy Lemon:

Since it was a workday, I was concerned about traffic between Fremont and Cupertino, where Happy Lemon is located.  When traffic turned out to be not nearly as bad as I feared, I had time to circle the block twice to figure out where the entrance to the parking structure was.  I also had time to browse through the menu and chat a bit with the friendly staff about the massive order Stanford University had just placed.

Then I sat down with my black tea with salted cheese ($3.75) to wait for my date:

That's a clear cup in case you're wondering.  The salted cheese is the white layer right under the lid.

Salted cheese might sound disgusting, but it's basically crema, just thicker and slightly savory.  Instructions on how to properly drink your tea through the salted cheese is posted on the wall.  (Something about tilting the cup at a 45 degree angle.)  I tried to follow them, but I ended up just getting a mouthful of cheese.  I eventually got the hang of it after a bit of practice.  I'm proud to say I still had cheese left when I got to the bottom of my cup.

The salted cheese was interesting, but not something I would crave.  The black tea, however, was solid.  That's some good tea, yo. 

I definitely want to go back to Happy Lemon.  Gotta try one of their fresh lemon drinks.  If it weren't located so far from my house, I would make it my regular first date place. 

Heh.  How awkward would that be?

Happy Lemon
20488 Stevens Creek Blvd, Ste 2040
Cupertino, CA 95014  
(408) 216-0232


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