Iceland: Reykjavik Chips

The first thing we did upon getting to Reykjavik was check into our Airbnb.  Then we ventured out to take advantage of the few daylight hours we had left and explore the city a bit.  We set out in what we knew to be the general direction of the Hallgrimskirkja.  We figured as we got closer we would just be able to see it.

Fingers crossed.

Along the way, we came across Reykjavik Chips:

Given our skimpy "lunch" at Geirabakari Kaffihus, we figured it wouldn't hurt to have a snack before real dinner.

(Also, I will never say no to French fries.)

Reykjavik Chips was tiny inside, with only a handful of tables and a counter where you place and pick up your order.  The walls were decorated with pictures of rappers and hip hop artists.  We amused ourselves while waiting for our fries, er, chips, by pointing out how very few of the artists we recognized.

Since this was just supposed to be a snack, the five of us split a large order (1050 ISK or around $10.50):

With a large, you get your choice of one dipping sauce.  Options included chili mayo, cocktail, straight mayo, sweet mustard, garlic, satay, chives...and ketchup.  We scoffed at the ketchup and went for the creamy garlic sauce.

The fries were made fresh to order, so they came piping hot.  The garlic sauce was good, but I think I would have actually preferred ketchup.  Scandalous, I know.

Speaking of ketchup, I can't believe that's not just a given.  It just seems like one of those basic things that shouldn't cost extra.  But I guess that's the American in me speaking. 

Reykjavik Chips is a nice place to chill.  It's definitely not a meal, but it's a good reasonably priced (notice I didn't say cheap) filler.  Especially if you want to get full, but don't want to break your budget on food in Iceland.

Reykjavik Chips
Vitastígur 10, Reykjavík 101, Iceland
+354 552 2221


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