Iceland: Geirabakari Kaffihus

Our second day in Iceland was spent slowly making our way down the Snaefellsnes Peninsula to Reykjavik, exploring various sites along the way.  We were so caught up in the exploration part of the journey that we neglected to eat until we stopped at Geirabakari Kaffihus for a late lunch/snack:

In the interest of full disclosure, we did have instant noodles and smoked fish for breakfast.  And paprika Lays potato chips.  Which is probably why we weren't hungry until later in the day.

In spite of the later hour, the bakery was still pretty busy:

Geirabakari Kaffihus is known for 1) the amazing views from its grand windows, 2) being converted into a Papa John's in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and 3) its chocolate covered cinnamon roll.

By the time we arrived, most of the baked goods were sold out.  There were no chocolate covered cinnamon rolls, so we had to settle for either regular icing or caramel.  We got caramel:

We were determined the make the most of our trip despite the failed cinnamon roll attempt.  As we couldn't read Icelandic, the little placards in the display case told us nothing.  We couldn't really understand the young lady behind the counter either, so we just randomly selected a couple other items via the universal language of pointing:

The fried ball had raisins in it and a dense, hushpuppy-like texture.  The sesame twist hid a secret cheesy center that was quite nice.

We also got a ham and cheese flaky sandwich that came with an aioli:

The amazing views?  Couldn't refute that.  The movie cameo?  I've never watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty so it meant nothing to me.  The chocolate cinnamon roll?  Sigh.  The disappointment was real.

As for the baked goodies that we did get to try, they were good, but they weren't exactly mind-blowing.  Maybe we should've gotten there earlier?  More selection?  Fresher products? 

I don't know.  I just remember not being super impressed.

Geirabakari Kaffihus
Digranesgata 6, Borgarnes 310, Iceland 
+354 437 2020


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