San Francisco: Swich

After Marnee Thai, my sister and I were stuffed.  So stuffed that my stomach was protesting...vehemently. But that didn't stop us from stopping by Switch on our way back to my sister's apartment:

It was cold out, so it wasn't surprising that we were the only ones there:

Swich is known for its ice cream sandwiches ($3.75 each).  You mix and match what cookies you want and then pick what ice cream you want.  We asked if we could try some of the ice cream flavors, but were told that we couldn't because all the ice cream come pre-shaped into blocks to match the square cookies.


Not to be deterred, we constructed a swich with butterscotch cookie on top, coffee ice cream in the middle, and walnut fudge cookie on the bottom:

The thing with ice cream sandwiches is that they're a hot mess to eat.  The one at Swich wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  And by that I mean the ice cream didn't immediately slide out the back end after the first bite.  Still ended up with sticky fingers though.

While the ice cream was not particularly memorable, the cookies were pretty damn good.  Very chewy, just the way I like them.  I would go back just for the cookies.

I should have stopped there, but when I saw that they had Thai tea pudding ($3.50), I just couldn't resist:

I expected to be blasted with Thai tea flavor, but was disappointed when I barely tasted it at all.  Turns out I couldn't detect the flavor because I tried it immediately after polishing off the ice cream sandwich.  When I finished the pudding the next morning for breakfast, I definitely got the Thai tea.  Oh yea.

The pudding's texture wasn't my favorite, however.  I prefer my puddings creamier and less...jelly-like.

All in all, I would recommend Swich.  I can see it being a nice place to hang with friends or to go on a first date (if it gets awkward, you can always pretend to focus on eating your swich with limited mess).

Not the cheapest of desserts, but that's hipster SF for ya.

2045 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 592-8091


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