San Francisco: Marnee Thai

Back in January, I attended a CLE training in San Francisco to earn some hard-to-get credits.  Since it started at 9 in the morning and I didn't want to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to catch public transportation from San Jose, I spent the night before at my sister's apartment in the city.

We couldn't decide what we wanted for dinner, so we just started walking down Irving St.  My sister's roommate had ordered some take-out from Marnee Thai:

We accompanied her there and while she was waiting for her order in the back of the restaurant...we decided to sit down and dine in.

For such a small restaurant, there were a lot of tables.  It turns out that I still have some shame left in me.  We were so close to the other parties next to us that I felt too embarrassed to take a photo of the interior.

So let's just skip to the food.

We started out with the coconut hotcakes ($8.75):

The "hotcakes" came in a special kind of skillet.  Our server helped us scoop out the first ones:

No matter how careful we were, we weren't able to get the others out as beautifully as she did.

The glutinous coconut rice cakes were topped with corn, pumpkin, green onion, and coconut cream.  Not quite savory and not quite sweet, we were a little confused as to whether we should have eaten it as an appetizer or saved it for dessert.

I specifically requested the chicken larb salad ($9.50):

Marnee Thai takes the salad part of the larb salad very seriously.  I've never had a larb with so much green in it before.  I could've have definitely eaten that plate alone as a salad.  It certainly tasted healthy.  Healthy and yet very delicious.

And spicy too.  I'm weak sauce, so I asked for rice ($1.50 per order).

My sister ordered the kang keaw (green curry) with beef ($10.95).  I swear I took a picture of it, but I somehow I must have deleted it by accident.  I'm sorry!  I'm an idiot.  I know.  I fail as a food blogger.  You'll just have to trust me when I say that it was yummy.  Besides the beef, it also included eggplant and Thai basil.

Everything at Marnee Thai was very, very good.  It's a cute spot, especially for date night.  The atmosphere is relaxed and intimate.  The service is attentive.  Prices are about what you can expect for a Thai restaurant.

Dining in such close quarters to others has a couple perks as well.  First, you can see what other people ordered.  Second, you can speculate about the life stories of everyone around you.  My sister and I were especially interested in the two Asian women right next to us who practically ordered half of Marnee Thai's menu for a little girl and her mother.

How were they related?  Why did they order so much?

Where can we find some Asian aunties who would feed us that way?

Marnee Thai
2225 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 665-9500


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