Peru : Restaurante Valle Sagrado

On our second day in the Sacred Valley, we took a day trip to Pisac to see the ruins there.  The original plan was to take a taxi up to the ruins and then leisurely hike back to the town.  But with CK still on the mend, we hailed the first taxi we found in the parking lot to get us back down the mountain.

In town, we took our time wandering through the market.  We asked one of the vendors where we could find a good meal.  He told us there was a good restuarant, but he didn't remember the name.  He gave us vague directions and then told us to look for a yellow sign with black letters.  We had to backtrack a few times, but we finally spotted this place:

By that point, we didn't care whether or not it was the right restaurant.  We just wanted to eat.

We were a little skeptical because the restaurant was empty when we arrived:

We figured it was too late to back out, so we sat down where we were directed to.

After hiking through ruins on a hot day with no shade, the first thing we wanted was a cold beverage.  A jar of lemonade was exactly what we needed:

A little too sweet, but it was cold and that's really all that mattered.

We split two entrees between the four of us.  We got the pollo a la plancha (grilled chicken breast), but switched out the fries for lentils (S/.20 or just under $7):

The chicken was dry, as expected, but the lentils were awesome with the rice.

For our second entree, AG wanted the lomo saltado, which is beef sauteed with onions and tomatoes (S/.22 or just over $7):

The beef was delicious, but the fries were bomb.

The prices were a bit steep compared to what we were used to seeing at the market, so we wondered whether we'd been tricked into patronizing a tourist trap.  Then we just stopped caring because LEMONADE.

While I might not recommend Restaurante Valle Sagrado (I figured out the name of the restaurant thanks to Google Street View), I strongly, strongly suggest adding a trip to Pisac if you're ever in the Sacred Valley.  It's pretty damn amazing.

Restaurante Valle Sagrado
Avenida Amazonas 116, Pisaq, Peru


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