Peru: PeruRail

While I was planning my trip to Peru, I told a friend of mine that there was no way in hell I would do the Inca Trail.  She warned me that I would regret it if I didn't.

Um.  No.

I took the train to Aguas Calientes from Ollantaytambo:

Ask me how many regrets I have.  Ask me.


While Inca Trail trekkers were freezing their asses off, digging holes to go number two in, and suffering days without bathing, I relaxed in my air conditioned train and took in this view:


On top of that, PeruRail served us refreshments during our journey.  There were two pastries to choose from, one savory and one sweet.  To maximize our options, my sister chose one while I went with the other.

Here's the savory pastry:

And here's the sweet:

The savory pastry was breadier, whereas the sweet one was flaky as all hell.  And can we say sprinkles?

We also got to select a drink of our choice.  I was missing soda, so I asked for coke.  Not very adventurous, but whatever.  It hit the spot.

We read online that PeruRail only allowes one piece of luggage less than 11 lbs per person.  We were a little concerned because AG and CK had packed more than one luggage each and they weren't exactly small either.  It turns out that nobody cared.  We all got onboard, massive luggage and all, with absolutely no fuss.  Thank goodness.

The two-hour train ride to Aguas Calientes was everything I hoped for.  Killer views, comfortable seats, Peruvian pipe music soundtrack, and most importantly, no physical exertion.  It was just as good the way back from Aguas Calientes as it was getting there.

For any of you who don't care to "rough it" or "challenge yourself", PeruRail is the way to go.  Trust me.  ZERO REGRETS.



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