Peru: Caminos del Inka Restaurant

On our way to Machu Picchu, we made a stop at Ollantaytambo for a night.  We arrived in the morning and the first thing we did was look for breakfast...or more accurately, brunch.

We found the town square and because we were frankly feeling lazy, we just randomly picked a restaurant right on the square without checking what was the most popular or the most "authentic." I was so absorbed in the view from our table outside that I completely forgot to take a picture of the restuarant itself.

My bad, Caminos del Inka Restaurant.

But can you blame me?  Just look at this!:

I can't imagine just having this in my peripheral vision as I go about my daily routine.

I ordered an orange juice (S/.5 or just under $2) and drained it way too quickly:

My sister and I decided to split an entree.  We got the bisteck a lo pobre (S/.22 or $7):

It came with steak, fries, rice, egg, fried banana, and strange sausage of some kind.  The beef was pretty well done, which isn't how I typically like my steak, but whatever.  Can't be too picky.  It was filling.

Nothing really to write home about at Caminos del Inka Restaurant, but it definitely wasn't as bad as the restaurant we went to for dinner.

That night, we went back to the same square and were pretty agressively pursued by the restaurant touters outside.  Again, too lazy to do any research, we simply picked the restaurant that accepted credit cards as we were a little low on cash.

Big mistake on our part.  If we had taken a look at the menu before stepping inside, we would have thought twice about eating at a restaurant with ridiculously high prices.  The food that we ordered turned out to be overly salted and barely palatable.  To top off the experience, we found out at the end of our meal that there was an additional charge if we wanted to pay by credit card, something the touter conveniently didn't mention while he was listing all the reasons why we should patronize his establishment.  Luckily, we had just enough cash to cover the bill.

CK was so angry that she stormed out of the restaurant, leaving the rest of us to scurry on behind her.  In our rush to leave, I didn't have a change to take a picture of the restaurant.  Or catch the name of it.

Oh, well.  You can't be a tourist without being played at least once on a trip.

Caminos del Inka Restaurant
Plaza de Armas, Ollantaytambo, Peru
+51 084 436 743


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