Tri-City: General Pot

What's great about my mother is that whenever she finds a good restaurant, she always makes sure to take us.  Of course, she might do it out of purely selfish reasons, but hey, I benefit, so why do I care if she takes us only because she wants to eat there again and doesn't want to go alone?

I wouldn't have discovered General Pot if not for her:

General as in military, not the adjective.

It might not look fancy, but trust me, the food is awesome:

There's a portable stove on every table because General Pot is known for its, well, pots.  But we never order them.  I'll explain why in a bit.

My absolute most favorite dish at General Pot is this:

Sliced beef with caraway ($6.99).  The thin beef slices are cold and well seasoned with chili oil, caraway, and cilantro.  The flavor is bright and refreshing.  I love it so much.

My sister's favorite is the bean jelly with chili sauce ($5.99):

It's a bit of a struggle to pick up the jelly with chopsticks, but the effort is worth it.  When it finally reaches your mouth, the chili sauce has this amazing tang.  Not exactly spicy, but delicious all the same.

The crispy tofu is pretty damn good too ($8.99):

The fried soft tofu is buried under this ground pork sauce that goes awesome with rice.

Now let me explain why we don't like to order the pots despite that being what General Pot is known for.  The only pot that we would be interested in is the spicy pig intestine one.  But it costs almost 20 bucks, not counting the add-on ingredients (e.g., noodles) you can throw in your pot for an additional cost.

You can also order the spicy pig intestine non-pot version, which only costs $9.99:

The only differences are that it doesn't come in a wok, you don't need the portable stove, it's smaller in portion, and there are no add-ons.  Which is totally fine with us.  All we want is the intestine anyway.

The intestine is stir fried with chilies and celery.  The chilies may look intimidating, but the dish isn't all that spicy.  If I can handle it, anyone can.  The intestine itself is fatty and lovely.  Easily my second favorite dish at General Pot.

I've been back to General Pot a couple times now and we always order the same things.  We keep saying that we should try something new, but we love these dishes so much that we find it difficult to deviate.  Though the last time we went, we were told that they'd run out of intestine (*GASP*).  We scrambled for a replacement and finally went with the crispy shrimp balls...which turned out rather soggy and disappointing.

Skip that and stick with the pork intestine.

Now here's a nifty tip for of you: if you pay with cash at General Pot, you get a 5% discount.  The food isn't expensive to begin with (unless you order a pot), so 5% may not seem like a lot, but that's still a couple dollars you can save for a pearl tea or something.

General Pot
43767 Boscell Rd
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 657-8188


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