South Bay: Taste Buds

One of our goals in Bali is to get scuba certified.  The last thing we wanted was to waste precious time in Bali, so we decided to take care of the classroom theory and pool work portions before we left.  When our scuba instructor warned us that we had to pass a swim test, which consisted of swimming 200 yards and treading water for ten minutes, we were concerned.

Okay, we might have panicked.

What?  Ten minutes is a long time!  It also didn't help when my father reminded us that a football field is 100 yards.

My sister and I signed up for a free three-day trial at 24 Hour Fitness and on New Year's Day, we met CL at one in Sunnyvale.  (T didn't come because she felt more confident in her swimming skills.)  We awkwardly got into the pool and...practiced.

After a few laps and extended experimentation with different methods of treading water, we left the gym somewhat disheartened.

In a serious need for a pick-me-up, CL brought us to Taste Buds for lunch:

Nothing like an Indian buffet to cheer you up.

The place was pretty empty, but it was New Year's Day and most people were probably still recovering from the night prior:

Oh well.  More food for us!:

There was only one buffet counter and while it doesn't look like a lot, there was a pretty good selection.  Two types of rice, tandoori chicken, goat biryani, pakora, and at least six types of curry:

My favorite was the okra.  I couldn't get enough of that stuff.

Fresh naan was brought to our table:

CL is on some kind of no carb diet and my sister isn't a huge fan of naan, so I basically demolished the entire basket by myself.

My sister wasn't that impressed with Taste Buds (she claims she's been to cheaper Indian buffets with bigger and better selections in Baltimore), but I enjoyed it.  For about $9 per person, I enjoyed it immensely.

After stuffing ourselves and effectively canceling out any exercise we may have accomplished at the gym, we went back to CL's place to start studying the scuba diving manual.  In the process of studying, we discovered that the treading portion of the swim test was more like a tread/float test.

Heh.  Once we realized we could float our way through the treading test, we relaxed considerably.

I am proud to report that all four of us passed the swim test.  We also passed the written final and the pool work portion.  We're halfway to becoming scuba certified!

My sister and I are leaving for Bali tomorrow night.  CL and T will be following us a day later.  SO EXCITED!  The next time I post, it'll be about my first meal on my grand Southeast Asia adventure.  Look forward to it!

Taste Buds
673 Grape Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 736-2837


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