Oakland: Napoleon Super Bakery

After saying bye to my Chitown gals, my sister and I swung by Napoleon Super Bakery for some buns before heading back to my office:

I'm a big fan of Napoleon Super Bakery.  I discovered it when my coworker and I were trying to find a birthday cake for our supervisor a while back.

It's always busy when I visit:

And of course it is.  Just look at all the beautiful buns!:

Buns lotsa buns lotsa buns lotsa buns!

When you enter the bakery, you'll see a small podium to the left of the door.  On it, you'll find trays, parchment paper, and tongs.  Grab a tray, line it with the paper, arm yourself with a pair of tongs, then browse away!  Just be careful...everything looks so good that you may accidentally find yourself with more bread than you originally planned on getting.

My sister and I filled a box to bring back for our parents:

We got two long buns.  One was filled with coconut (the visible one), while the other was filled with durian (not visible because it's directly under the visible one).  We noticed a lot of people getting the corn and ham bun, so we snagged one too.  Then we got a bunch of mini-pineapple buns with different fillings, two sweet and one savory.  The sweets ones were custard and red bean paste.  The savory was BBQ pork.

My favorite is the BBQ pork mini-pineapple bun.  It's topped by the most perfect "pineapple" crust:

Here's a view of the BBQ pork filling:

I love the bread to filling ratio.  You're not overwhelmed by bread and there's quite a bit of pork inside.  I love how soft the bread is.  And I especially love the sweet and savory combo from the pineapple crust and the pork.  It's sublime.

So much bread, so little stomach space!  Multiple trips to Napoleon Super Bakery is a must.

Bring cash.  You don't need a lot though.  That box we got?  Only $5.

Woot woooooot!!

Napoleon Super Bakery
810 Franklin St
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 268-8883


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