San Francisco: Pakwan

For Christmas, CK gifted me with two tickets to see a special showing of Miyazaki's "Ocean Waves" at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco.  Who else would I go with except my sister?

It was a Thursday night in January.  My sister and I met across the street from Roxie at Pakwan for dinner before the movie:

The restaurant was pretty empty at first, but then it gradually filled up as we ate:

You place your order at the counter and then pick it up there as well once your number is called.

Chai is $1 a cup.  I don't usually like to pay for tea, but my sister told me it's so good that it's worth it:

She was right.  The chai at Pakwan is thick and strong, just the way I like it.  None of that watered down crap.  You cam add sugar to your own taste.  (Mine being very sweet.)  The chai is refillable, which meant that my sister went back repeatedly for more to get her money's worth.

The two of us split two dishes.  We got the saag gosht ($10.99) or lamb with spinach:

And the bengan bhartha ($7.49), which is a smoky eggplant curry of sorts:

Both went extremely well with naan ($1.50 each):

Since we had a movie to catch afterward, we worked hard to avoid having any leftovers.  The portion sizes were so generous that we weren't entirely successful, but we followed the teachings of our father and ate all the "valuable" parts.  (Basically all the meat.)

I'm no expert of Pakistani and Indian food, but I have no complaints about Pakwan.  Everything we had was delicious, the chai was good, the food came quickly, and the prices were affordable.  I would definitely go back.

And as a side note, if you are a Miyazaki fan or if you love nostalgic movies that are poignant in their simplicity, "Ocean Waves" is for you.  I highly recommend you check it out. 

Thanks for the tickets, CK!

3180-82 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103 
(415) 255-2440


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