Japan: McDonald's

All of my friends know (or at least they should know) that I love to check out the local McDonald's whenever I travel abroad.  Scoff all you want, but I've always been tickled by the interesting things I find there.

Our last night in Kyoto, CK and I were lazy and didn't want to think too hard about where to eat dinner.  It was a no brainer to slip into the McDonald's right by our Airbnb:

We'd both heard about the ebi (shrimp) burger and were curious to try it.  We ordered the ebi burger as a combo meal for 670 yen or $6.70:

The fried shrimp patty was filled with chunks of real shrimp:

We were both pretty impressed by it.

While we were in Japan, the McDonald's there was actively promoting their new "giga big mac", which was supposed to have 2.8 times the meat of a regular big mac.  CK and I are both big fans of the big mac.  Back when we were in law school, there was a week where we got big macs (two for $5!) five times in four days.  Yea, we have a problem.

We tried to order the giga big mac, but thanks to the language barrier, we somehow ended up with just the grand one (520 yen or $5.20):

I guess the grand big mac is just a slightly...bigger big mac.  Delicious, but it's no giga.

We were very curious about the Hokkaido milk pie (120 yen or $1.20):

Not overly sweet, the Hokkaido milk pie was quite good.  The super flaky crust hid a creamy, milky filling:

Definitely one of the top McDonald's pies I've had around the world.

I didn't look to see if the McDonald's in Japan had their equivalent of the dollar menu, but I can tell you that the pricing of the regular menu is pretty comparable to that in the States (even though the sizes of the "regular" fries and drinks are smaller).  Though I suppose considering the types of restaurants we were hitting up in Japan, that was one of the cheapest meals we had that trip.



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