Japan: Kyoto Sizuya

While I was figuring out the Shinkansen tickets to get from Kyoto to Tokyo, CK tackled the equally important task of procuring caffeine and breakfast at the bakery across from the ticket counter, Kyoto Sizuya:

We were lucky enough not only to score adjacent seats on the very next train, but also to manage to find our way through the maze that is Kyoto station, get to the correct platform, AND stand in the appropriate spot (there are different lines for different trains on the same platform) just in time to get on our train.

Once on the train, we rewarded ourselves with bread.  All the descriptions in the bakery were in Japanese and I was gesturing at her to hurry up from outside, so CK panicked a little and randomly grabbed a couple of things without knowing what she was getting.  Either Sizuya has got their baked goods down solid or CK has great instinct for what's delicious (or both) because everything CK bought was damn good.

We had some kind of soft, chocolate and raisin masterpiece: 

A fried curry bun:

With magical beef curry filling:

And a smooth melon pan:

That actually tasted like honeydew and had some kind of custard filling:

Ah, as always, Asian bakeries are the best.  Everything was just soft, soft, soft.

The almost three hour train ride was over in a flash and before we knew it, we were in Tokyo and on the last leg of our trip.

下京区東塩小路町8-3 JR京都駅 アスティロード内
+81 75-692-2452


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