Oakland: Best Taste Restaurant

For my birthday part two, my Chicago girls took me out to dinner in Oakland.  They asked me to pick the place, which is always a lot of pressure.  Luckily, I had somewhere in mind.  Ever since the lady from the office next to mine told me about clay pot rice at Best Taste Restaurant, I'd been dying to go:

Best Taste is everything you can imagine about a restaurant in Chinatown.  Slightly grungy, meat hanging in the window, not much in terms of decor (or service)...just how I like it.

The three of us split a few things.  We started with shrimp won ton soup ($5)

Then moved on to shrimp with scrambled egg over fun or rice noodle ($6.99)

A little bland, but it was fun to chase the fun (get it?  heh) around the plate with our chopsticks.

We also got the salted fish and chicken with bean curd in a clay pot ($8.50):

And of course, a rice clay pot.  There were a couple different ones to choose from.  After much deliberation, we decided on the Chinese preserved meat with vegetable rice clay pot ($6.50):

Out of all the dishes, the rice clay pot was surprisingly the one that let us down.  It just wasn't what we pictured when we'd ordered it.  We were expecting huge pieces of meat...not this chopped up stuff.  We ended up just using it as rice to go with the salted fish and chicken clay pot (which was delicious with rice).

Now, I don't think it's Best Taste's fault.  I think we just ordered the wrong rice clay pot.  I'm definitely not opposed to going back to trying another one.

Best Taste is affordable and the food is solid.  Don't go in expecting too much in terms of service, but the servers aren't rude by any means.  If you order a rice clay pot, you'll have to wait around 20 minutes, which isn't that big of a deal.  The lady in the office next to mine recommended to call ahead to order if you want to go during lunch and you have a strict lunch hour at work.  Not a bad idea.  I might do that one of these days.

Best Taste Restaurant
814 Franklin St
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 444-4983


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