Peru: Taquile Island

Our tour of Lake Titicaca took us from the Uros floating islands, where families lived on manmade islands constructed from reeds, to Taquile Island:

It was a long, steep hike up to the town square.  Taquile Island is known for the quality of its handwoven textiles.  The textiles were certainly impressive, but we were honestly more interested in the food.

Particularly when it's alpaca on a stick being grilled on the side of the path:

While my sister and I were dutifully waiting with our tour guide for the group to gather around, CK and AG had already gone ahead to buy a skewer, which came with a giant grilled potato.

Now, I'm not exactly skilled with multitasking.  Eating while walking has always been tricky for me.  Especially when I'm trying to keep up with our group while tearing a huge chunk of meat off of a stick.  All this is to say that while the alpaca was deliciously seasoned, I almost died trying to chew it.

As part of our tour, we were led to a local's house/restaurant for lunch:

There were bowls of soup and plates of bread set all along the giant picnic table where we were directed to sit:

I'm not sure what kind of soup it was, but it was well flavored and went well with the hard bread.

We were given the choice between an omelette and trout for our entree.  That was a no brainer:

All four of us ordered the trout.  Which turned out to be the most delicious trout I'd ever had.  Super fresh.  Cooked just right.

Our only complaint was the rice.  It was so hard that I thought it was mistakenly undercooked.  Funny thing is, each of our rice varied in degrees of edibleness.  CK and I couldn't stomach ours, while AG and my sister found theirs to be unpleasant, but tolerable.

It wasn't until later in our Peru trip that we realized that's just how Peruvians like their rice: hard.

After the meal, the locals showed us how they made their textiles and how they cleaned the wool they harvested from their sheep.  Lunch and a show.

The tour was basically a full day.  We didn't get back to our hostel until around 5:00pm.  Even though it was a lot of time spent on a boat going from one island to the next, we really enjoyed it.  We learned a lot from our tour guide about the amazing way of life of the islanders.  I would definitely recommend taking a day tour of Lake Titicaca if you're ever in Puno.

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