Peru: El Rancho

By the time we got back to our hostel in Puno after our tour of Lake Titicaca, altitude sickness finally caught up to CK and it took her OUT.  Really, like, OUT out.  She was shivering, nauseous, and for a while there we weren't sure she was going to make it onto our bus to Cusco.

While CK was curled up in an aching ball of misery on the couch in our hostel's lobby, my sister and I went out to forage for dinner.  Our hostel host told us about a good chicken restaurant close to the main plaza.  We found a chicken restaurant...but had no idea if it was the one he was referring to:

We went in anyway.

We figured half a chicken would be enough for three people.  We ordered it to go so that we could bring it back to AG at the hostel:

For S/.40 or around $13, the roasted chicken came with two kinds of sauces:

A giant box of fries:

And a 1.5 liter of soda:

Our other option was Inca Cola, but we didn't even need to think about our answer before my sister and I both pointed at the Coke.

The chicken was incredibly juicy.  Poor CK couldn't enjoy it, but AG, my sister, and I ripped into it with our fingers and stuffed ourselves with fries.

We had quite some time to kill before our 10:00pm bus.  My sister and I played catch with the hostel manager's son.  For hours.  That kid had way too much energy for someone so small.  When it came time to leave, CK managed to force herself to her feet and dragged herself into the taxi by sheer force of will.

We all breathed a sigh of relief all four of us made it onto the bus.  I don't know what we would have done if CK had been too sick to travel.

Thank goodness we never had to find out.

El Rancho
Jirón Oquendo 202, Puno, Peru


  1. You would have left me in a heartbeat.

  2. You would have left me in a heartbeat.


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