Portugal: Casa Brasileira

Our last night in Lisbon was very low-key.  After trying the snails at Caracóis de São Bento, T and I stopped at a bakery before heading back home to pack.  We picked Casa Brasileira because we were drawn in by the incredible display window:

We felt pretty overwhelmed once we got inside:

There was just so much to choose from and we had no idea what most of it was.

Finally, we decided on two.  I wanted to try this one:

It tasted like a palmier cookie coated in some kind of thick custard.

The same kind of custard found in this bun:

To our great sadness, the pastries were bit on the stale side.  Sigh.

A rather anti-climatic end to our time in Lisbon, but it was nice to just spend a quiet night at our little flat and reflect on our entire trip.

Casa Brasileira
Rua Augusta 267
1100 Lisbon, Portugal
+351 21 346 9713


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