Portugal: Bonjardim

Another one of my goals in Lisbon was to try Portuguese roast chicken or frango assado.  A quick search through TripAdvisor led us to Bonjardim for lunch:

The nice weather called for outdoor seating.  

Our server spoke flawless English and was incredibly friendly.  He cracked jokes with us all over the place and told us about his time working on a cruise ship.  He pointed out the appetizers placed on the table and explained how we would only have to pay for it if we touched it.  Though this was old news to us by then, it was the first time a server actually took the time to warn us about the practice.  Gotta appreciate that.

T wanted to try galão or espresso with milk: 

Coffee always smells better than it tastes for me.  As the only form of coffee I enjoy is the ice cream variety, I will not even attempt to speak on whether the galão was good or not.

Instead, I'll move on to the salad:

Which wasn't all that special.  You can tell by just looking at it.

The roast chicken was the star of the show:

Or more accurately, the piri piri sauce was the star.  You can see it in the upper left hand corner.  I wished I took a close up photo of it...but I got distracted.

Our server plated fries and chicken for each of us:

Both the chicken and the fries were pretty standard, but the piri piri sauce took it all to the next level.  The chicken itself was kinda on the salty side, but it complimented the heat of the chili sauce.

Now, everyone knows I'm weaksauce when it comes to spiciness, so when I say the piri piri sauce was spicy, it might cause no more than a tingle for those of you who aren't quite as...delicate as I am.  What's important though, is that even though I found it spicy, I couldn't stop slathering it onto the chicken.  That says something about that sauce.

I had a great time at Bonjardim.  The service was great, the ambiance was relaxed, and the food was good.  Affordable too.

Piri piri sauce for the win!

Travessa de Santo Antão 11
1150-312 Lisbon, Portugal
+351 21 342 7424


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