South Bay: Slice Poké Bar

Happy New Year, everyone!  I thought I was all caught up at the end of 2016, but I should have known that was too good to be true.  I actually left out a place that I went to back in November.  I was reminded of it when my sister made it a point during her post-surgery drugged up phase to sign up for a Yelp elite event there right when the registration period opened.  (She doesn't remember signing up, but she's quite proud of herself for doing it.)

The Yelp event was hosted at Slice Poké Bar, the second poké joint to open up in my area after Poké House.

Compared to Poké House, which is tiny and has very limited seating, Slice is incredibly spacious:

Similar to Poké House, Slice has its own signature pre-designed bowls, but the fun comes in building your own.  You can decide if you want your poke in a bowl, on a salad, or on chips.  A regular with three scoops of protein is $10, while a large with four scoops is $12.  If you have an aversion to bowls, you can order a wrap ($10) instead.

If you decide on a bowl, you get to pick what you want for your base.  You can go with kale, mixed greens, brown rice (which apparently comes cooked with bacon), or white rice...or a mix of the above.  I usually get mixed greens and white rice.  I tried the brown rice once because of the bacon, but it wasn't all that.  There wasn't nearly enough bacon in it to justify the nutty texture of the brown rice.  Meh.  I'll stick to which rice.

After the base comes the protein:

There's salmon, hamachi, tuna, spicy tuna, tuna mix, scallops, tako, shrimp, and tofu.  Once you have your proteins selected, you get to choose a sauce.  There's traditional, spicy traditional, sweet soy, and citrus soy.  (You're not encouraged to mix them.)

Then comes the veggies:

One thing to note is that the seaweed salad doesn't cost extra like it does at Poké House.

One final round of toppings (hot Cheetos is an option...what the heck?) and sauces (Slice sauce, sesame aioli, spicy mayo, and wasabi aioli) later and voila!  You have your final bowl:

My mother prefers Slice over Poké House because Slice offers more cooked protein options (she doesn't do sashimi).  My sister prefers Slice because there's more seating. 

Personally, I think they're about the same.  I think Poké House has better sauce options and might be more generous with its protein portions, but I've also heard that they don't give as much as they used to.  The woman who appears to be the owner of Slice has a bit of an attitude, but since interaction with staff is basically limited to pointing out what you want, it doesn't really bother me all that much.

In summary, if I'm looking for convenience, I would go with Poké House since it's walking distance from my house.  But if I'm looking for a place to hang out, I would go with Slice.

There.  That's my two cents.

Slice Poké Bar
1150 Murphy Ave, Ste C
San Jose, CA 95131 
(408) 326-2480


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