South Bay: Nam Vang

T mentioned this really good Cambodian noodle place to me on numerous occasions, but never actually got around to taking me there.  In fact, she actually took my sister one day without me.

The nerve.

In the end, it was my sister who made it happen.  My parents were out for some reason or another, so my sister and I had a little sister date at Nam Vang:

It looked more than a little sketch from the outside.  Which I took as a good sign.  In my experience, some of the best food comes from the crummiest looking of places.

 It was pretty empty inside, but we were there quite early for dinnertime:

We both wanted Cambodian noodles, but since there were two of us, we decided to try one bowl of regular noodle:

And one bowl of rice noodles:

Even though all the toppings were the same in both bowls, I vastly preferred the rice noodle.  It's a texture thing.

But flavor-wise, both were delicious.  So much meat too!

Both bowls came with their own bone broth:

I poured a little soup into my noodles to loosen them up.  And to add to the savory goodness.

As a side thing, we ordered a single meatball:

A single, pretty big meatball.  Suprisingly, it was a bit sweet, which threw me off at first, but then I quickly warmed to it.  There were peas inside, however, which I ignored by pretending I didn't see them.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Nam Vang itself is beyond simple and bordering on slightly sparse when it comes to decor and service, but the noodles more than make up for it.

A tip for you though, make sure you order the small bowl.  We forgot to clarify and the server automatically put us down for the large bowl ($8.25).  The difference between the small and the large is just $0.75 and the size of the bowl itself.  I'm pretty sure we would have gotten the same amount of noodles in just a smaller bowl if we'd ordered the small.

Oh, and bring cash.  They don't take credit.

Anyway, thanks a lot, T, for putting Nam Vang on my radar (even if you didn't actually take me there)!  I'll definitely be going back for round two.  And three.

Nam Vang
2477 Alvin Ave
San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 270-8939


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