South Bay: Chi

My parents seem to have some kind of radar for new Taiwanese restaurants in our area.  They somehow heard about Chi through the grapevine and away we went with Ahyi in tow:

This particular location has gone through its share of restaurants.  None of them ever seemed to last long.  (My favorite was the hot pot place that actually gave us straight up water as the soup base.)

The place was pretty crowded the night we went, which we took as a good sign.  Either that or everyone was just as curious as we were.

We started with a large clam ginger soup ($8.95):

It was the first dish to arrive and it arrived flat out cold.  We were stunned.  And confused.  We honestly discussed whether the soup might have been meant to be served cold.  When we checked with a waitress, she told us that definitely was not the case and whisked the bowl away.  It came back a bit later...lukewarm.

A quintessential Taiwanese dish is anything three cup style.  Chi offered a couple different three cup options.  We gravitated toward the three cup intestine in a clay pot ($9.95):

This photo is a bit misleading.  The pot looks big, but in reality, it was tiny as hell.  And shallow.  Tiny pot aside, the intestine itself wasn't bad, though a bit salty.  I enjoyed picking out the whole pieces of garlic.

For Ahyi, who loves veggies, we got the stir fried A choy ($7.95):

Yelp reviews indicated that moon shape shrimp cake ($9.95) was really good:

Which is was.  Fluffy and savory.

The fried stinky tofu ($4.95) also was also pretty good:

Our biggest complaint was the portion size.  Each plate was so small that we felt gypped.  We couldn't understand how they could in good conscience charge what they do for the amount of food they give.  Especially since there are plenty of cheaper and better tasting Chinese restaurants around.

As we left, we joked about hitting up the McDonald's across the parking lot.  We laughed because we all knew we were half-serious.

I give Chi six months before it goes the way of its predecessors.  I'm starting to think that location must really be cursed.

42 Dixon Rd
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 956-9051


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