Indonesia: Depot Melati

It was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to Jepun Didulu and loaded ourselves onto the car.  Our driver had been given strict instructions by Alec's brother-in-law to take us wherever we wanted along the way to our next destination, Ubud.  There was really only one thing we wanted: suckling pig.

So for lunch, our driver pulled up to Depot Melati:

Located across the street from the Gianyar market, Depot Melati shares the first floor of the building with other vendors selling all sorts of things.  But never mind them.  What's important is this:

Suckling pig.  Oh, baby.

We didn't really know how to order, so we just asked for everything.  We were expecting to share two plates between the four of us, but we somehow ended up with one per person:

According to Alec, babi guling or suckling pig is THE thing to eat in Bali.  I won't disagree with that.  In fact, the whole reason why I wanted to visit Bali was to try babi guling, thanks to an episode of No Reservations that I will never be able to forget.  We eventually made it to the restaurant that Bourdain graced with his presence, but that's for another post.

Back to Depot Melati.  The suckling pig was ridiculous.  The skin, so crisp.  The meat, so succulent.  My only complaint is that there could have been much more pork.  I was nowhere near satisfied.  I needed more.

Oh, and another thing.  A little warning about how spicy it was would have been nice.  My mouth seriously felt like it was on fire.  All those little green bits that I thought were green beans were actually chopped green chilies.  Ack.  I was in so much pain that I guzzled down all our water bottles and physically couldn't finish the entire plate.  Holy moly.

T, on the other hand, was in spicy heaven.  She even asked for more chilies:

She's just not human.

Depot Melati
Jalan Ngurah Rai No.37
Gianyar, Kecamatan Nusapenida, Bali, Indonesia 80581


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