Spain: Bo de B

We landed in Barcelona one member of the troupe less.  My sister had to leave for the States early to start her internship, which left AF, T, and myself to continue our journey.

The first thing we did when we checked into our hotel was to discuss what we wanted to eat first.  We figured we could walk around a little and then stop somewhere for a quick lunch.  

Bo de B happened to be in the area and it came heavily recommended by my sister (who had gone to Barcelona during her spring break).  There was a line when we got there:

Which is always a good sign, right?  At Bo de B, you can choose to sit inside (if there's a table open in the tiny dining area) or you can just order from the window.  We decided to get our sandwiches to go and eat in the sun across the street.

First, pick what meat you want.  It's all written on the window.  Next, pick out what veggies you want to top your sandwich with.  If you can do it in Spanish, great.  If you're like us with only T and her high school Spanish, point through the window.  It all works.

Here's our first creation:

We got smoked salmon and smothered it with all sorts of veggies:

Here's our second:

We got chicken and again, more veggies:

Both were delicious.  The bread was perfect, the sandwich filling just about overflowing.  I enjoyed the chicken one a bit more because the chicken was warm.  I love warm sandwiches.

If you're looking for a quick meal on the go, Bo de B is your friend.  If you're traveling on a budget, Bo de B is your friend (the most expensive sandwich costs 4.50 €).  If you're just into good food, Bo de B is your friend.

So basically, everyone should stop by Bo de B!

Bo de B
Carrer de la Fusteria, 14
08002 Barcelona, Spain
936 674 945


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