Boston: Blunch

Now comes the fun part where I get to tell you all about all the food I had during my spring break trip to Boston, Philly, and NYC.  Yay!  

My sister and I flew into Boston separately.  After meeting up at the airport, figuring out which subway and bus to take to MIT, getting hopelessly lost on campus before finally finding my friend's apartment, we followed my friend to a late lunch at Blunch:

I actually wanted to try Mike and Patty's, which a friend of mine recommended, but thanks to our scenic detour around MIT, we wouldn't have made it there before they closed for the day.  According to Yelp, Blunch is supposed to be a rough equivalent of Mike and Patty's, so we figured what the heck.

Super small interior, but very cozy:

The staff (she might have been the owner) was incredibly friendly.  We chatted it up a bit before finally deciding on splitting the piglet:

Black forest ham, smoked bacon, maple aioli, sliced tomatoes, and greens on grilled multigrain bread.  What really made the sandwich was the maple aioli.  Wow.

My sister was adamant about trying the triple chocolate chip cookie:

Not my favorite cookie, but loved the chewiness of it.

So many interesting sounding sandwiches to choose from at Blunch.  I wish we could have tried all of them.  But alas, a week-long eating spree awaited, so I had to pace myself.

A fantastic way to kick off our spring break though!

59 E Springfield St
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 247-8100


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